Filitsa was incredibly helpful, and very willing to help in my legal matter, she was very thoughtful and took everything that was mentioned into consideration. Very cool, calm and collected, which helped with my stress. Awesome with communication and keeping in touch about things. Would definitely recommend ! :)



Filitsa is caring and passionate about her work. She's willing to work around and suit her client's needs to make sure they are at ease throughout the whole process. I can highly recommend Kounias Lawyers!


The past two years have been a daunting and emotional experience, committed to a child custody matter in the Townsville Family Court. To say it was the most challenging time of my family's lives, would be an understatement. Kounias Lawyers helped us get though that difficult time, and are so much more than legal representatives. Kounias Lawyers are a team with partners and children of their own, and with their combined knowledge and experience, know just how you feel, and can speak to you in a manner you can understand. The advice that can be offered from the experiences gained with Filitsa of Kounias Lawyers is to, talk to her and let her understand, follow the bouncing ball of advice that she gives, and be assured that when Filitsa smiles, it is real and that she cares.


Filitsa is very professional and caring when dealing with such challenging and highly personal matters. I felt empowered from the information she gave me with an overall successful outcome.


I cannot recommend Filitsa highly enough. Filitsa and her team provide clarity and guidance that is painless and refreshing at a time that can otherwise be frustrating and challenging. If you are concerned about family matters or are going through a tough time in a divorce or a custody battle Filitsa will take a weight off of your shoulders.


Filitsa is easy to talk to, professional & passionate about helping you through your separation. I highly recommend her services.

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